Monday, March 29, 2010

spring has sprung

I haven't written in a while...the weather here has been fickle...and so too have I!
I have been out for a little raz here and there when the weather has been kind, but nothing note worthy.
Still loving the bike, although it's forcing me to see how unfit I have gotten over the winter months!  Now that spring has sprung I am going to start riding in to work and back (soon), which will be a round trip of about 2 hours a day.  A little daunting...but I am stoked about it.  I started out as very anxious cycling the streets of London, but gradually I have gotten more and more relaxed.  Riding out of the saddle, indicating, reading the roads better, are becoming more natural than...well 5 months ago.  Let me be clear, I am by no means cocky about my abilities!

Anyways, last week me and my dad drove to Luxembourg for a short trip.  I grew up there for a few years, and my parents still have a house there.  They've decided to sell up, and they recently found a buyer.  So I went over to say my good byes to the house, the village, the country (I don't know if I will ever return)...but most importantly while I was there I needed to sort through all my old belongings, and pack up what I wanted to keep.  There was a lot to sort through- and I ended up clearing out 2 full car loads worth of recycling!!

I managed to persuade my dad to let me bring my bike away with us.  So when all the boxes were sorted through we went down to the river front and I had a ride around.  It was a beautiful 19 degrees over there, the hottest day yet this year (not scorching but I whapped my shorts on never the less)!

I did take some photos...and I will post them up as soon as my computer stops playing up.

So I'm back blogging, and am really looking forward to Spring :)

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