Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 things I learnt last week

1    When your feeling tired and you want to have a break...keep going, it will soon pass.
2    London's road ways can be very confusing to begin with!
3    It's a lot easier to indicate if you're sat back in your seat.
4    Wear underwear that wont bunch up, because that can be annoy-ing I tell you!
5    Nobody thinks they look good in a helmet, so just get on with it and wear one.
   Cycling is thirsty work, drink lots of water (do not substitute for beer!)
7    Going up hill on a single speed is totally do-able.
8    I'm feeling like a kook, but that's ok because I'm still learning.
9    This is a big one...cycling in the city, it's really not that scary.
10  And finally...blue jeans and a white bike seat do not mix! (check out exhibit A)

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