Thursday, May 27, 2010

new peddles

So I've been rather lame of late...not blogging.
Getting caught up in lots of random goings on...
  • went snowboarding in France
  • been to a few gigs
  • working on my accessories company
  • working in the shop
  • got mumps...or rather mump
  • went to a friends hindu/civil wedding
  • ...and (when I was back to full health after the mump) I've been riding
At the weekend I bought some new peddles.  My previous ones were a little bit small, I lost my footing every now and again.  So I got these Shimanos from 14 Bike Co.  Way more stable under foot, I kind of have a bit more umph to my stride!

Also the old peddles had a metal spike on them that kept catching on my trousers.  I know it is a design feature, but me and my trousers weren't getting on with it at all.
Hopefully I have now darned my last peddle inflicted hole!


  1. Awesome! They look great! Any possibility for toe clips or straps in those?

  2. I don't think so...but apparently you can open a bottle of beer with them...sold!
    Nah what sold me was the use of the adjustable pins for grip. Worth the investment for when the winter comes back around.
    The model is DX PD-MX30 if you want to look into compatability with toe clips?